Frequently Asked Questions

Our studio is 1000 sqft with a large 11'x12' window that allows in lots of natural light. The studio has wall-to-wall mirrors and two JBL JRX215 15" speakers.
Please note we do not allow any glassware (unless shatterproof) in the studio.

At its core, a Formation class will be an immersive, music-driven experience that will strengthen the relationship between your mind and body. We have a three class options: Freedom is a non-stop movement class that keeps your heart pumping; Power is where you’ll work through the resistance in a music-driven strength and conditioning class; Presence is our original choreography class where you’ll learn a routine.

We have an emphasis on hip-hop with splashes of rap, pop, and house. We use the explicit version of songs so there will be profanity and inappropriate language. Music and dance is a way to express emotion and sometimes we get in touch with the feelings that are less nice and less polite. Movement in our space can be a place to connect with and release those emotions.

Our Freedom class is non-stop movement that keeps your heart pumping and has no routine. It's a triple sweat emoji kind of class. Or you can try our Power class which is a music-driven strength and conditioning class. Fire emoji all the way.

Freedom class is a great one to start with for a first experience. There’s no routine and more repetition in the movement. As for the physical challenge, we like to think you get out what you put in.

Our classes are beginner-friendly. Most of our students have little or no dance experience and our classes are designed with this in mind. Feeling comfortable with learning choreography in Presence class can take more time. We recommend taking both Part One and Two of the same routine to reinforce and build your new skills.

We give you a blueprint of movement and are happy for you to make it your own, based on what you’re comfortable with. Our instruction team can also provide alternative moves if you have an injury. We're not here for competition or preformance, it's all about feeling good and we'll help you get there.

We work on routines for two weeks then we move on to a fresh combo. For new clients, we recommend starting with Part One and completing Part Two of the routine as it maximizes your comfort with the movement. We do a full recap of Part One before we add on during a Part Two class so you get reacquainted with familiar movement.

We teach each routine for two weeks. During week one, everyone will be starting from scratch. On week two, even if you missed the first time it was taught, our instructor will go over all the previously taught choreography. You are always welcome to join in for week two for an extra challenge.

Our studio is focused on adults so 18 is the minimum age.

Please cancel at least 12-hours before your class. After 12 hours you will be charged a $15 late cancel fee but your class credit is returned to your account for future use. If you book a class and don’t show up you lose it. For unlimited package holders there is a $20 no-show fee.

Log in to your account > My Account in the menu > Person icon > My Classes > There you wlll see a list of upcoming and past classes. “Unreserve” to cancel your class before the cancellation window. It will say “Late Cancel” if it’s less than 12 hours before class.